Websites today come in all shapes, sizes, and types, and what works for one kind of clientele might be completely ineffective for another. Realising this universal diversity in internet audiences around the world, DreamSoft InfoTech offers customised solutions for B2B (Business-to-Business), B2C (Business-to-Customer) and C2C (Customer-to-Customer) websites.

To explain it on a broader scale, B2B websites refer to a portal that offers services, solutions, or products to corporate houses of any scale. An apt example of the same is VoIP carriers, who offer calling minutes in bulk to smaller players to sell the same to individual users. Now as it is imperative from the nature of business, these kind of websites cannot scream out loud bout the cheap rates they are offering, since that would seem very inappropriate for the kind of clientele the website is catering to. Thus, it requires a more professional approach, with the necessary applications to support it.

Coming to B2C websites, they are the broadest category of e-commerce portals, and have a traditional online shop's concept, wherein the manufacturer of a product offers the same to consumers. Such websites obviously need to focus more on the cheap prices that are offered to consumers as compared to market rates, besides also emphasising on the security aspect by providing safe payment gateways and highlighting them as well.

C2C, or Customer-to-Customer's websites, are a relatively new concept, and refer to portals where customers form groups to commonly purchase or offer products, with the host portal charging a commission fee and not taking responsibility for the quality of the products, unlike a B2C site where the host is answerable for the quality of the same.

The website developers at Dream soft Infotech are well-versed with all of the above mentioned web formats, and can develop websites in either of these formats with utmost precision. Contact us to know more about how we can help your business position itself in a better manner.

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