This is an open source script and this can be easily installed. With this you can set up an unlimited number of forums and categories. This software can be easily installed using FTP and a browser. Any website administrator can install this with a short period of time. Ongoing maintenance can also be done easily so that you can even change the style and topic which is already added or removed.

The installation is been clearly given at the PHP Help Forum site. You have to follow it correctly. Before installing PhpBB you should check whether your web server support this language or not. If your server doesn’t support then you should get in touch with your web host and see if PHP can be enabled for your domain. If this is installed the configuration setting of PHP will be displayed.

On setting PHP BB Forum on your server you need the following information given below.

  • Database Server Hostname
  • Database Name
  • Database Username
  • Database Password
  • Administration Email Address.

The host name will be the domain name at which the database is hosted. If it is hosted on the same server as your web server then you have to enter local host. The database name is quite simple you can choose the name of your choice or you can use the existing name. To create a new database you have speak with your web host. The username and password you can choose your own. The administration email is the email address that you want to know about the questions relating to your bulletin board to be sent.

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