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Give your business a strategic advantage with Dreamsoft's Magento 2 Development Services. We are here to assist you in leading your sector and building a successful online store by leveraging the Magento 2 platform.

Whether you are stepping into the e-commerce domain or are planning to take your already set business to the next level, our experts will assist you in adapting the Magento 2 solution. Our professionals will provide you with highly scalable and flexible custom websites at affordable prices.

  • Adherence to International Standards & Guidelines
  • In-Depth knowledge & experience of Magento's system architecture and code structure
  • High Data Confidentiality and Data Security
  • Personalized and affordable Magento solutions
  • Flexible and mobile-friendly Magento 2 development services
  • On-time delivery with post-launch support & maintenance
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Our Magento 2 Website Development Services

Dreamsoft's professionals facilitate your Magento 2 journey by offering various Magento 2 web development services.

Magento 2 Development

Our specialists will develop a new Magento 2 website to fulfill your specific needs. This new feature-rich website will be in sync with your company goals and brand image.

Magento 2 Migration

We provide a custom Content Management System that is robust & efficient in catering to your business requirements. Our M1 to M2 migration services are cost-effective with customer integration options, and zero data loss.

Magento 2 Extension Development

Our team assesses your business requirements to develop custom extensions created to give high-quality results.

Magento Website Design

Our web designers can proficiently design your Magento website to give it a whole new outlook. The custom layout and functionality will match your specific business requirements and will be as per the expectations of your customers.

Magento 2 Frontend Development

Your website needs to be user-friendly to be impactful to customers. With modified user interface, our experts increase your website usability and make it more appealing to end-users.

Magento 2 Theme Integration

Magento 2 includes several theme layouts, available to modify your current store. Any readymade theme of Magento 2 can be integrated by our experts based on your business needs.

Magento 2 Upgrade

We provide seamless Magento 2 Upgrade services. Our team upgrades your old e-commerce store running on Magento 1 platform to the improved Magento 2 version with high security and scalability.

Magento 2 Support & Maintenance

Our extensive range of Magento 2 support services will resolve any potential issues and keep your website code healthy for a long period.

Reasons to choose Magento 2 Development Services

With tremendous features and enhancements, the Magento 2 websites are a beneficial adoption for businesses and end users.

Enhanced Speed and Scalability

It reduces the page loading time and increases the website speed. It is incredibly efficient in managing high traffic loads during peak times.


Magento 2 enables the personalization of your customers shopping experience. On the basis of customer segmentation (set parameters such as Gender, Location, Wish List, Order History, etc.), you can give personalized services to your customers.

Customized Admin Panel

Magento 2 offers you a custom admin panel to serve a single or multiple users at the same time. As an admin, you can edit or create the products on your dashboard, view data as per your convenience, etc. This panel is user-friendly i.e easy to use, navigate, edit & manage.


Cost-Effective and easy customization

Magento 2's drag & drop feature of the advanced visual design editor gives a smooth editing experience. Quick changes in the admin panel gives high quality user experience at minimum cost.

Get your Magento 2 Website in just 7 Steps

Step I : Gathering of Information

Our team gathers all the data related to your business plans and goals. This helps us have a clear understanding of your business issues to develop effective affordable solutions. We understand your vision to give you the best results.

Step II : Project Approval

Once all the necessary information is collected, we combine the data to prepare efficient budget plans. Once the budget is approved from your end, we set the timeline of the project and immediately start the development process.

Step III : Development of Magento 2 Store

The development of your Magento 2 website will be as per your needs, the code structure, features, integrations will be to support your business requirements. We ensure that optimum functionality is achieved in your website.

Step IV : Testing & QA

We test the overall website to check its functionality. We make sure that the end product is a fully operational, feature-rich website, designed to cater to your business needs.

Step V : Feedback & Revisions

Once the website is tested and available for submission, we deliver it to you. Our prime aim is your satisfaction, if any part of the website is not as per your expectation, we revise it. Once you approve the project, we prepare your website to go live.

Step VI : Application Launch

This is the final step where we take your website from its staging process to the real time launch. Now your website can effectively cater to the needs of your customers.

Step VII : Post-Launch Support

We are not going anywhere even after the launch. Our development experts are available to provide you with post-launch support and maintenance services. If you face any issue in the working of the website, our team is available to assist you at every turn.

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Hire Magento 2 Developers

Looking for a Magento 2 Development expert at an affordable price?

We at Dreamsoft have a dedicated team of Magento 2 experts. With years of professional experience in developing and migrating Magento 2 Applications, you will receive high quality solutions in a cost-effective manner.

Our seasoned e-commerce professionals and Magento developers always adhere to deadlines and follow the customer-centric approach to satisfy your business needs. With engaging designs and innovative solutions, our Magento 2 experts are the best choice for your growing business.

Why Dreamsoft Infotech is the right choice for your Magento 2 Project

Dreamsoft has a world-class experience in providing Magento 2 ecommerce development services. While serving several business verticals, we provide unique and qualitative solutions at pocket-friendly prices.

High Coding Standard

Our professionals dedicate their time generously to boost up the efficiency of your Magento store. With high quality programming & coding, we deliver our customers the best development services.

Customer-centric Approach

With rich experience in Magento 2 development & migration, we always focus on catering to your business requirements. We ensure high confidentiality and complete data privacy & support for your project

On-Time Delivery

We boast an admiring track record of delivering the project on time. Our services encompass high security, dependable support and on-time submissions to all clients.


Our prime focus is on providing our clients with valuable and result-oriented solutions at affordable rates.

Extended Support

We are 100% committed to our clients, thus we provide post launch support to ensure that your website is running without any glitch. Any issue that you might be facing will be resolved in no time due to our maintenance and support services.

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