Fact to Consider When Hiring WordPress Development Company

admin 21 February 2020

Today, word press is everywhere. It rules the internet. According to a study, WordPress occupies a massive 58.7% of the CMS in market share. WordPress is powering a whopping 27% of the world wide web. The ease of the WordPress website design is an instrumental factor in achieving such a milestone. The demand for WordPress is constantly on the rise. There are so many WordPress Development Company in India, which provide a quality service at a reasonable price. Let us consider some basic factors to consider as you hire a WordPress developer in India.

A Good Technical Experience:

Be informed that WordPress is not just PHP, though it is the principal scripting language. Your developer should be equally well versed in MySQL, HTML/XHTML, CSS, etc. You must look for a profile that has experience in all these domains.

Quest for learning

It is better to hire a professional who has the urge for learning and know more things. Such persons are capable of existing in the fast-changing tech world. It is very important to stay updated with the current trends in technology.

Good Knowledge of Website Security

Threats may come in from various sectors. It may be through an SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, password thefts and so on. This may incur a huge loss of data as well as revenue. So, it is always desirable to have a website developer onboard who possesses a sound knowledge of website security.

Knowledge of SEO

SEO has occupied a very prominent position for itself in today’s business scenario due to its ability to get listed in google for a competitive search. WordPress being the most SEO friendly CMS, WordPress developer can’t go blank with SEO. He must possess the basic ideas about SEO Services and features. As the dynamics of the business are changing, SEO is gaining more and more prominence with each passing day.


These days, communication is very important in the modern-day business. The clients in a modern business may be from different cultural backgrounds and varying geographies. Only with a proper communication ability it is possible to establish good rapport with the customer. A WordPress developer with a good communication ability can understand the need for a proper communication channel and hence can devote his energies to achieving the same. In fact, the need for good communication should be realized for a successful business plan.

Ability to work within budgets

Though it is not a very mandatory requirement, still it would be great, if you can find a resource, who can understand your budgetary constraints and can work within the prescribed limits without comprising on the quality parameters. This will actually have a positive impact on the delivery and deadlines.

Maintenance, Post Development

Websites frequently need updates in terms of content and design. Maintenance of websites post-development and deployment is of utmost importance. The developer must be in a position to keep track and follow-up on the maintenance activities. There are multiple themes and plugins that get updated quite often than expected. You can keep your website updated if your developer is smart enough to keep track of changes and update accordingly.


These may some of the things which you may look for as you hire a WordPress developer in India. Dreamsoft Infotech is a dedicated Web Development Company In India that offers quality services at the most reasonable price within your budget.